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National Night Out Block Party Registration Form

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  2. National Night Out Block Party Registration Form

    Participating neighborhoods nationwide are asked to turn on outside lights, lock their doors, and spend the evening outside with neighbors and public safety officials. Neighborhoods will be hosting a variety of events ranging from small potlucks and BBQs to large block parties. Some additional event ideas include, but are not limited to, ice cream socials, food or clothing donations, beautify a common area, discuss or plan a Neighborhood Watch Program. It’s up to you - be creative, have fun and celebrate your neighborhood!

  3. Woodland Police and Fire officials will visit block parties on a first come, first serve basis.

    Each year during our National Night Out celebration, Woodland residents are encouraged to celebrate by hosting block parties. This is a crime prevention event that is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch and co-sponsored locally by the Woodland Police Department.


    The City of Woodland registers annually to be a national participant. To register your neighborhood, please complete this online form. For questions or assistance, please contact Crime Prevention Specialist Morgan Snedeker at 530-661-7857 or email her at

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  11. STREET CLOSURE: If you are interested in closing your street, you MUST complete a Request for Street Closure form.

    The form is available on the National Night Out page on our website. The street closure fee is waived for all approved National Night Out participants. It is NOT necessary to close your street for your block party.

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