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Free Business Recycling & Organics Bins

  1. The City of Woodland is committed to helping Woodland commercial customers become environmentally sustainable by reducing waste through organics and recycling collections. We offer free bins and printable signage to help ensure recycling and organics collection is successful and convenient.

    Note: Applicants will be notified when their bin(s) are ready for pickup. Applicants must be able to pick up their bin(s) on the next available 1-2 business days after receiving notice that they are ready. Bins can be picked up at the times and location below:

    Location: Community Development Front Counter at City Hall, 300 First St, Woodland, CA 95695
    Pickup Days/Times: 8 am to 4 pm, Monday - Friday

  2. I certify that I am a City of Woodland commercial customer and I understand that I am responsible for picking up my bins at the location and times listed above.*
  3. Emails will receive the monthly EnviroWoodland eNewsletter highlighting environmental news and events

  4. Please select the type and amount of bins below

    Actual bin may vary slightly depending on availability of stock, but the size and color will be as shown.

  5. 7g Organics
  6. 23g Organics
  7. 32g Organics
  8. 7-gallon organics bins:
  9. 23-gallon organics bins:

    Out of Stock

  10. 32-gallon organics bins:
  11. 7g Recycle
  12. 23g Recycle
  13. 32g Recycle
  14. 7-gallon recycle bins:
  15. 23-gallon recycle bins:
  16. 32-gallon recycle bins:
  17. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please indicate below. Or if you have a large business that would need more bins, please indicate how many of each. Availability will be determined on a case by case basis.

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  20. Disclaimer: The City of Woodland is not responsible for the replacement of lost, stolen or broken bins, or for providing liners or bags. Bins are available at no cost while supplies last.

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