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Environmental Services

  1. Compost Bin Rebate

    Rebate for up to 2 backyard compost bin and/or vermicompost bin OR one Electric Kitchen Composter. Limit $200 per household every 2... More…

  2. Organics Exemption Form

    Commercial organics exemption application and annual reporting for those self-hauling, using alternative haulers, or sharing organics... More…

  3. Recycling Exemption Form

    Commercial recycling self-hauling/exemption application and annual reporting.

  4. Report Water Waste

    Help us stop water waste. If you see a water use violation, please let us know.

  1. Free Business Recycling & Organics Bins

    Free recycling and organics bins for businesses, multi-family properties, schools and other commercial customers.

  2. Organics Waiver Application

    Organics services application for de minimis and physical space waivers.

  3. Recycling Waiver Application

    Recycling services application for de minimus and physical space waivers.