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Tip of the Month

Deep fried turkeys are popular this time of year but after cooking, you are left with gallons of used oil. Never pour used oil down the drain because it solidifies in the sewer and storm pipes which can create costly backups. Instead, collect used cooking oil in sealed containers and take it to the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant for recycling, it's FREE for Woodland residents. Call 530-661-2057 or 530-661-2058 for an appointment today.

Street Piles

Green Waste Service Delays

Due to the recent wind storms, an extraordinary amount of green waste accumulated on our streets causing Waste Management trucks to fill up faster than normal resulting in unplanned trips to the Yolo County Landfill. As a result, pickups were delayed all week and street sweeping services were out of sync with the pickup schedule. To combat the delays, Waste Management worked overtime on Saturday, November 9th and placed temporary stations on the street in order to provide continuous service.
Street pile pickups and sweeping services are back to their normal service routes this week. We appreciate your understanding and patience with the service delays.

Compost Workshop

Free Upcoming Composting Classes

Do you want to learn how to compost? Now is your time! There are two composting classes hosted by the Master Gardeners of Yolo County this month.City of Woodland Environmental Services staff will be at both classes to answer questions about our recycling and organics programs, provide information about compost bin rebates, and to hand out food scrap pails to Woodland residents that participate in the class!
Check Sprinklers

Avoid Over-watering, Adjust your Irrigation Schedule Seasonally

It’s that time of year again. The weather’s getting cooler, and the days are getting shorter. Your irrigation controller most likely didn't change with the end of daylight savings times. Be sure adjust your clock and irrigation system accordingly!

In addition, if you want to avoid watering your lawn when it rains then consider installing a Weather-Based Irrigation control. These smart controllers use weather data to automatically program the ideal watering schedule for your landscape. The City also offers a rebate up to $150! To apply and learn more about city rebates, click here.

Upcoming Holiday Reminders

City Offices will be closed November 28 & 29 for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Waste Management will be closed November 28. Thursday services will be on Friday and Friday services will be on Saturday for that week only.

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