2018 Water & Sewer Repair & Replacement Project,  CIP 18-09

Phase: Construction

Anticipated Construction Start Date: September 17, 2018

Project Description

This is part of an annual program to replace old water mains and repair sewer deficiencies. Generally, water mains that are over 60 years old and have a history of breaks or leaks are prioritized for replacement over time. This project includes the repair and replacement of approximately 6,500 linear feet of water mains and 3,200 linear feet of water service laterals. Approximately 5,300 linear feet of sanitary sewer main and 170 sanitary sewer service laterals will also be replaced or lined with cured-in-place pipe.  Electronic message boards will be placed a minimum of 5 days prior to road closures indicating the extent and duration of the closure.

The 2018 project includes the following streets:

  • Beamer Street between Grand Ave. and Elm St.
  • Grand Avenue between Clover St. and Beamer St.
  • Clover Street between West St. and Walnut St.
  • Walnut Street between Court St. and Beamer St.
  • Locust Street between Clover St. and Beamer St.
  • Elm Street between Clover St. and Beamer St.
  • College Street between Clover St. and Beamer St.