North Regional Pond & Pump Station Project

Phase:  In Construction

Anticipated Construction Completion Date: Fall 2020

Project Description

The North Regional Pond is located just to the north of the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) and south of the WDCWA Regional Water Treatment Facility and is the site of former wastewater treatment operations that ceased in the mid-1980s. The pond was closed out of the WPCF’s permit in 2014, which allows for other uses of the site.  The project generally includes work within the existing pond to repurpose it to storm water treatment and detention with a capacity of approximately 1,000 acre-feet and also the construction of a 60 cubic foot/second (expandable to 120 cfs)storm drainage pumping plant located on Main Street across the street from the East Main Pump Station.  The project will construct the following improvements generally shown in the figure below: 

  • Low flow training wall and inlet pipes from the Gibson Channel to the North Regional Pond
  • High flow weir from the South Canal into the North Regional Pond
  • Outlet pipes from the North Regional Pond to the South Canal which runs parallel to CR103
  • Extension of the storm drainage culverts under I-5
  • Pump station at the downstream terminus of the South Canal (south side of Main Street – AKA CR22)
  • Force main and outfall from the pump station to the City’s storm drain outfall channel

The low flow training wall and inlet pipes will allow the North Regional Pond to function as a storm water quality pond, treating low flows from the Gibson Channel. The high flow weir and outlet pipes will allow the North Regional Pond to function as a detention basin. The extension of the storm drainage culverts under I-5 will assist with maintenance of the South Canal. The combination of the storage in the detention basin and increase pumping at the pump station will mitigate the increase in storm drainage flows resulting from development of the SE area of the City including the Spring Lake area.

North Regional Pond _Pump Station