Dog Gone Alley Utilities Replacement

Phase: Construction

Anticipated Construction Start Date: Spring 2019

Project Description

Dog Gone Alley, from College St to Bush St, is in need of updated utilities infrastructure. The existing 4-inch water main was constructed in 1962 and needs to be upgraded to an 8-inch main for adequate water supply and fire flow. The existing 6-inch sewer main was constructed in 1900 and is in need of replacement. Some of the existing sewer and water laterals are not properly connected to the mains, increasing risk of sewer backups. The project will correct this issue. The work includes construction of new 8-inch water and sewer mains to serve the buildings along this stretch of alleyway. The City will maintain sewer and water services during construction and reconnect 19 businesses to the new sewer and water mains. Upon completion of this project, private utilities will have the opportunity to make relocation or upgrades to their services. The City will final pave the road as part of a separate project.