Water Waste

Water Waste - Help us catch and stop water waste in its tracks!

We need your help to catch and stop water waste in its tracks. If you see a water use violation, please let us know. Provide the street address, time, and violation type to help speed the process. We save better when we save together!

Water Use Restrictions

  1. Water Waste
  2. Commercial Restrictions

Water waste is prohibited at all times. Follow the following restrictions when it comes to water waste:

  • Do not allow excess water to run into gutters and storm drains.
  • Do not "hose down' hardscape surfaces, like driveways and sidewalks, except for health and safety purposes.
  • Do not operate or refill fountains or other water features (except recirculating systems).
  • Repair all outdoor and indoor leaks.
  • All water hoses must be equipped with shut off nozzles.
  • Do not water during or for 48 hours after rain.