Signs & Markings

The City of Woodland Signs & Markings installs, maintains and repairs approximately 9,030 signs, as well as street and curb markings throughout the city. The functions of signs are to provide regulations, warnings, and guidance information for road users. Signs and Markings respond to downed or damaged street name and directional signs, as well as maintenance of painted curbs, stop bars and lane markings. Examples of these are listed below:


  • 920 STOP signs
  • 359 Speed Limit signs
  • 131 School Area signs


  • 85 School Crosswalks
  • Approximately 2 miles of Red Curb
  • 59 mi of yellow centerline
  • 19 mi of white centerline
  • 71 mi of Bike Lane

Is a street sign missing or hard to read?

Please contact the City of Woodland Public Works Department at 530-661-5962 to let us know!