Pumping Stations (Water, Sewer & Storm)

The City of Woodland Electrical Group provides an efficient and reliable electrical control system for all of the City's water, sewer and storm pumping stations. We are currently working with Utility Engineering and Operations on the design and construction of a City wide control and monitoring system SCADA (Supervisory Control and Date Acquisition) for our water distribution system; this new control system will give City staff the ability monitor the status of each well site from a remote location. 

Furthermore, the SCADA system will be designed to relay critical information back to operations utilizing several different types of monitoring and mechanical devices. These devices include nitrate analyzers, chlorine injectors, flow meters, power monitors, reduced voltage starters, variable frequency drives (VFD's), pressure sensors, hour meters etc. The information generated from these devices will give staff the ability to fine tune our water distribution and sewer systems to run at peck efficiency, thus reducing power consumption and over all maintenance costs.

Mobile Generators

In addition, the City's Utility Division has acquired two mobile generators that can be quickly mobilized to key well sites in the event of a major power outage, thus limiting possible reductions in water pressure to our system. These units will be very useful during storm events or high temperature days when power reliability is at a minimum. The Electrical Group along with other key support groups are working diligently to assure that the City's water, sewer and storm systems maintain energy efficiency, reliability and productivity.