You Can Help

Use Low-Salt Detergent Products

Research shows that significant amounts of salt come from household detergents and cleaners; consider using liquid and low-salt products.

Improve Water Softener Efficiency

Older water softener systems or water softeners which are out of adjustment waste salt, which is released to the environment. If you are using more than 50 pounds of salt per month for a household of 4, your water softener may not be operating correctly. Please review our Water Softener Information Page for more details.

Limit Garbage Disposal Usage

Composting (view the composting webpage) or disposing of food waste in the trash can reduce the salt released to the environment from food preparation and disposal.

Reduce Salt in your Diet

Salt you eat or use in cooking finds its way back into the environment. Not only does salt impact the water system of the Central Valley, but according to the American Heart Association, excess salt intake can increase blood pressure. For more information, visit the American Heart Association website.

Conserve Water

All water has some salt, and every use ultimately adds salt to the environment. Consider energy efficiency and water conservation as you buy, remodel, landscape and live in your home. Become involved in and support Woodland's Water Conservation and wastewater salinity management efforts.

For More Information

Visit the Central Valley SALTS Program website for more information on efforts to reduce the impact of salinity on the environment.