Salinity Minimization Project

Woodland's Salinity Minimization Program

Woodland's treated wastewater is discharged to Tule Canal, a part of the Yolo Bypass. From Tule Canal, the water flows to the Sacramento River and eventually to the Delta. In order to minimize negative impacts of increased salt levels on these important waterways, the State of California requires the City to reduce the amount of salt it discharges to the environment.

Where the Salt Comes From

Woodland's potable water is pumped from a system of groundwater wells located throughout the City. It comes from rainwater that seeps down through the soil and is filtered naturally by sand and gravel as it passes through the soil to the aquifer. As this water is used by our residents and businesses, salts are added from garbage disposals, cleaning chemicals, and discharge from water softeners. By the time the wastewater reaches the Water Pollution Control Facility its salt levels are almost double that of the original potable water.