Green Waste Street Pile Program

The Green Waste Street Pile ProgramYard Trimmings is designed to keep residential yard waste and plant material out of the streets and storm drains to reduce pollution of our waterways, keep our streets clean, and keep our gutters clear to prevent flooding during the rainy season.

During Leaf Drop Season, which runs from November - January, green waste street piles are collected weekly. During the rest of the year, street piles are collected once per month from each address and are allowed for only one week before each pickup date. 

Note: Green Waste Street Pile collections are for single-family residents only. Businesses and multifamily properties are not allowed to place piles in the street.

Collection Schedule

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Leaf Drop & Non-Leaf Drop Season Schedules

Non-Leaf Drop Season Leaf Drop Season
February 1 to October 31 November 1 to January 31
Monthly street pile pickup
Weekly street pile pickup
Weekly street sweeping
Weekly street sweeping

Green Waste Street Pile Guidelines

  • 2020 Green Waste Flyer Button (Click here)From February 1 through October 31, green waste piles may be placed in the street no more than 1 week prior to your service day.
  • Size must not exceed 4 ft wide x 5 ft long x 4 ft high and must be noticeably separated. 
  • Shall not contain branches more than 6 inches in diameter or 5 feet long.
  • Must contain plant material only.
  • Must never include grass. Grass clippings always go in your organics cart. Keeping grass off the street is necessary for our State Water Permit compliance and reduces winter storm drain flooding and drain inlet clean-out by city crews
  • Must never include food scraps or food-soiled paper. These items always go in your organics cart. Visit the residential organics recycling webpage for details on food and food-soiled paper collection.
  • Must be placed immediately in front of or adjacent to your home or business
  • Should not restrict gutter drainage or block drain inlets.
  • Must not obstruct bike lanes or traffic flow.

Green waste guidelines are enforced by the City of Woodland Municipal Code Sec. 13.08.150.