City of Woodland Measure "F"

Shall Ordinance Number 1599 which would authorize the City of Woodland to continue to collect an existing one-half cent sales tax (which currently provides an estimated $4.5 million annually) for a period of twelve years, and would not increase taxes, for general city services including, but not limited to, street maintenance, parks and facility capital projects, and public safety, be adopted?

Resolutions & Ordinances

Resolution Number 6674 (PDF) - A resolution of the city council of the City of Woodland calling a general municipal election for the election of three council members by district and calling a special election for the purpose of submitting a general tax measure to continue a one half cent sales tax that would expire in twelve years, said elections to be held in the City of Woodland on November 8, 2016, and directing the consolidation of the elections with the statewide general election and all other elections.

Ordinance Number 1599 (PDF) - An ordinance of the City of Woodland amending section 23 to 73 of Article V of Chapter 23 of the Woodland Municipal Code to extend the 1/2% transactions and use tax for general purposes, which shall continue to be administered by the State Board of Equalization.