Self-Hauling Directory

Your Guide to Self-Hauling Construction & Demolition Debris

The Self-Hauling Directory is a catalog of local recycling options for construction and demolition (C&D) debris and yard waste, facilities accepting universal waste items for proper disposal, and landfills for trash disposal. Project-generated C&D debris must be self-hauled or hauled by the City's franchise hauler, Waste Management. For assistance with C&D Recycling Program compliance, contact the C&D Recycling Coordinator at 530-661-2063.

Important Note: Accepted materials at each facility may vary throughout the year. To ensure a facility will accept a certain material, contact the facility using the phone number listed in the directory or otherwise provided online.

General C&D Debris - Drywall, Gypsum, Roofing, Carpet, Doors, Windows, Cardboard, Tile, Appliances
Wood - Pallets, Plywood, Lumber, and Painted Wood

Important Note: Wood painted with lead-based paint is not accepted for recycling.



North Highlands


Inerts - Asphalt, Concrete, Bricks, Stucco, Rock, Sand, and Plumbing Fixtures
Metals - Scrap Metal, Steel, Aluminum, and Copper
Universal Wate - Paint, Electronics, CRT Glass, Batteries, Other
Yard Wate - Land Clearing Debris, Tree Branches, and Grass
Trash - Plastic Film, Polystyrene Foam, PVC Pipe, Trex Lumber, Other