General Plan 2035

General Plan Update 2035 City of Woodland

On May 16, 2017, the City of Woodland City Council adopted a new General Plan 2035. The General Plan is a forward looking policy document to guide the long-range development of the City of Woodland. It articulates a future vision of what Woodland aspires to be. The Plan draws its aspirations and goals from the community at large and translates these ideas into a set of goals, policies and actions for present and future generations. While General Plans are required by the State of California to contain seven elements, the City of Woodland's General Plan 2035 contains a number of optional elements including Community Design, Historic Preservation, and Economic Development, as well as a new comprehensive element dedicated to Healthy Community.

Woodland's General Plan 2035 is the culmination of an extensive four-year community visioning and planning process that involved the participation of community members and representatives including residents, elected officials, local non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, public agencies, industry and business representatives.

The General Plan allows for consideration of growth within the City's Urban Limit Line consistent with polices in the General Plan and the General Plan Environmental Impact Report. The General Plan 2035 promotes infill development and compact sustainable growth. The Plan emphasizes economic and job development along key corridors and in, commercial and employment centers. The plan emphasizes multiple modes of transportation including a comprehensive network of open space, trails, and paths to connect the community.

Vision Statement for 2035

In 2035, Woodland is a highly desirable community to live, learn, work and recreate. It has maintained its small-town feel while maturing into an attractive, vibrant, and sustainable city that celebrates its architectural heritage and cultural diversity Woodland is a healthy community with livable neighborhoods, a thriving downtown, well-maintained infrastructure, excellent schools and recreational amenities connected by a seamless network of trails and paths.

The city is the region's center of agricultural technology and food production, and is recognized globally as a leader in sustainable agriculture. The community is prosperous and fiscally sound, offering abundant employment opportunities to its diverse and creative work force.

Woodland has become a destination for visitors seeking to experience its unique agricultural, historical, recreational and entertainment amenities.