Flood Zone Update

See if your property is out of the flood zone.

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Canceling Flood Policy & Request a Refund

Process to cancel current flood policy and request a refund:

  1. Confirm that your property has been placed in a low-risk flood zone (known as Zone X). See searchable flood map above. Then determine which FIRM map your property is located in. See FIRM Panel Maps below.
  2. Obtain a copy of FEMA's Transmittal Letter of a New Map dated November 16, 2011, see letter above.
  3. Next, send a letter to your Mortgage Company or lender to request a waiver of the flood insurance requirement for your property. See Sample Letters for your specific FIRM Panel Map: 435H (PDF), 445H (PDF) and 465H (PDF).
  4. Once you receive the waiver from your Mortgage Company or lender, ask your insurance agent to cancel your policy. In most cases, you will be eligible for a full refund of the premium for the policy year in effect on May 16, 2012.
  5. If you any further questions, you may call Community Development 530-661-5820.

FEMA Panel Maps

  • You will see when you open the map two shades of grey and one white area.
  • The darkest grey is an AE Zone and is within the Flood Hazard Area and requires flood insurance.
  • The light grey is Zone X, and is within a 500-year flood zone, but does not require flood insurance.
  • The white area is Zone X and does not require flood insurance.

Letters to Affected Property Owners

The City will be sending letters to affected property owners to share the good news and provide more information. Those with questions about the mapping changes and whether or not their property is affected are asked to view the FEMA Maps or call Community Development at 530-661-5820.

More Information

Note: When contacting Community Development, please give detailed messages with your questions, physical property address and a good contact phone number.

For Insurance questions, refunds, or policy changes, please contact your insurance agent or mortgage company.