2017 Downtown Specific Plan Update

I heart Woodland


The Downtown is the heart and focus of the City's economic, cultural, civic, artistic and historic assets. The purpose of the Downtown Specific Plan is to enhance these qualities within an energetic and active Downtown. The City needs a Downtown where visitors, shoppers, residents, and businesses can come together and experience an enjoyable mixture of historic and modern ambiance.

The ideas and strategies described herein illustrate a future that can be realized through this update. The heritage of the community is reflected in Downtown and will continue to draw a diversity of people to celebrate the quality of life that brought them to Woodland.


In 2016, the City Council directed staff to commence an update to the Specific Plan that carries the vision of the 2003 Downtown Specific Plan through amendments that describe in text and graphics, the high quality design and development standards necessary to establish a cohesive district. The 2017 Downtown Specific Plan Update will build on the foundation represented by the 2003 Downtown Specific Plan. Staff will update, modify, and adjust as necessary those nine chapters of the Plan within the current physical, economic, social and regulatory context.

The 2017 Downtown Specific Plan Update will reflect those improvements and incorporate building and infrastructure construction and plans. The vision described in the 2003 Downtown Specific Plan, an adequate starting point, will be revised in the updated Chapter 1. The 2017 Downtown Specific Plan Update will maintain consistency with the 2035 General Plan. The Parking Management Plan (PDF) and Synoptic Survey Report (PDF) represent the primary phases of the Update.