Useful Framework

COMPSTAT is short for computer statistics. Today's policing techniques nearly always consist of vast amounts of information and it is necessary to provide a vehicle wherein essential information can easily and effectively be analyzed and shared with all levels of the department. In 2017, the members of the department learned about intelligence led policing and examined how we could implement it here at Woodland Police Department. After considerable analysis and review the group decided to initiate the transition to the crime control model known as COMPSTAT. COMPSTAT began at the Woodland Police Department in January of 2018.

How It's Used

The street officers gather information which is studied by analysts and then a plan is formed and shared with a team of department decision makers. All use COMPSTAT as a framework for controlling crime in their cities. The following Police Departments all use COMPSTAT as a framework for controlling crime in their cities:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Vacaville 
  • West Sacramento  

COMPSTAT turns data into visible stories so the police department can recognize problems and swiftly develop strategies for service.