Permit Services

The Engineering Services reviews and issues the following permit types:

  • Encroachment Permits
  • Construction Water Permits
  • Subdivision Grading Permits
  • Transportation Permits

Processing & Purchasing Permits

Permits are processed and purchased at the City of Woodland Community Development counter:

City Hall
300 First Street
Woodland, California 95695 

For fee information, please view our Comprehensive Fee Schedule (PDF).

  1. Encroachment Permits
  2. Construction Water Permits
  3. Subdivision Grading Permits
  4. Irrigation Well Permits
  5. Transportation Permits

An encroachment permit is a contract that is required for any work that is done within the public right-of-way. According to the City of Woodland Code, encroach or encroachment means going over, upon or under, or using a right-of-way or watercourse in such a manner as to prevent, obstruct, or interfere with its normal use.

The following is a list of situations that require an encroachment permit:

  1. Excavating, filling or disturbing the right-of-way or watercourse;
  2. Erecting or maintaining any flag, banner, post, sign pole, fence, guardrail, loading platform, pipe, conduit, wire or other structure on, over or under a right-of-way or watercourse;
  3. Constructing, placing, or maintaining on, over or under or within a right-of-way any pathway, side-walk, driveway, curb, gutter, paving, or other surface or subsurface drainage structure or facility;
  4. Lighting or building a fire within a right-of-way or watercourse;
  5. Placing or leaving on a right-of-way or watercourse any materials including but not limited to rubbish, construction spoil, earth, metal objects, concrete or sod;
  6. Planting any tree, shrub, grass or other living thing (except for weeds) within a right-of-way or watercourse;
  7. Constructing, placing, planting or maintaining any structure, embankment, excavation, tree or other object adjacent to, over or under a right-of-way or watercourse;
  8. Temporary traffic controls;
  9. Temporary or permanent modification of public infrastructure;
  10. Placement of a dumpster within the public right-of-way;
  11. Movement of construction equipment across public infrastructure (includes pool construction);
  12. Connection of water and sewer services;
  13. Installation or replacement of backflow devices.

An encroachment permit application (PDF) should be submitted with a plan showing the proposed work. Please allow one to three weeks for review. Additional submittals may be required depending on the nature of the work. See the Comprehensive Fee Schedule (PDF) for current fees.