Mapping Services

Parcel & Subdivision Maps

Tentative plans for Parcel and Subdivision Maps should be submitted to the Planning Division, Community Development Department. After approval or conditional approval of a tentative map, a final map or parcel map of the subdivision or any portion thereof as indicated by phase lines on the approved tentative map shall be prepared.

Final Parcel & Subdivision Maps

Final Maps

Final maps shall be prepared by a licensed land surveyor per the Subdivision Map Act and City of Woodland City Code (reference Chapter 21: Subdivisions).

The final maps are to be submitted to the Engineering Division, Community Development Department located in: 

City Hall
300 First Street
Woodland CA 95695

Map Submittal

Map submittal should include a Development Application Form and Submittal Checklist along with all required documents per application checklist.

For additional details regarding map specifications, please refer to the City of Woodland Standard Specifications and Details (reference Part I, Section II: Development Maps and Construction Plans).


Map submittal fees may be found in the City of Woodland fee schedule (PDF).