Security Camera Registry & Mapping

The Woodland Police Department (WPD) invites you to participate in our crime prevention effort by joining our Security Camera Registry And Mapping Program (S.C.R.A.M.). WPD is working with businesses and residents from the community to compile a list of privately owned security cameras to enhance crime prevention and enhance public safety.

Video surveillance is one of the best methods for apprehending criminals and convicting suspects who are caught in the act of committing a crime. Installing video surveillance is a great example of community-police partnerships and is something we highly value as a police agency serving a large community.

Assistance From Businesses & Residents

The Woodland Police Department is seeking the assistance of Woodland business owners and residents who have security camera systems. If you have video security cameras, WPD is encouraging you to register the location and capabilities of your camera with us. This is a voluntary registry.

Using the geographic locations of the registered cameras, the Police Department will be able to directly contact citizens in an area in which a crime occurred. The Department may ask the citizen to check their video surveillance system for a specific date and time for video capturing a suspect, getaway car or a crime. If the citizen finds any video evidence, they can contact the Woodland Police Department SC.R.A.M. Program to make arrangements for video retrieval.


To register your video security system, please complete the online form. If you have questions, please contact us by email or call us at 530-661-7857.