1. Alarm Permit
  2. CCW Permit
  3. Street Closure Permit
  4. Sound Permit

Alarm Permit

You must have an alarm permit-it's the Law. Woodland has an alarm ordinance that requires every home or business with an alarm system to obtain a permit. Every alarm user, residential and business, can do his or her share to reduce false alarms and to help preserve police resources. The ordinance is designed to reduce false alarms.

Whether your alarm system is for your home or for a business, you must have a valid Alarm User Permit.

To obtain an alarm permit, you can apply by completing the permit application and submitting it to the Woodland Police Department by mail or drop off: 


  • Annual Renewal: $24
  • *False Alarm Fee: $80
  • Initial (New) Permit: $36

*An additional $80.00 fee is charged for each false alarm in the calendar year with the exception of the first false alarm (no charge).    

Notify Your Alarm Company

Provide your alarm company with your permit number and updated emergency contact information.

Additional Information

For questions or additional information, please send an email.