Consultant Guide

Opportunities in the City of Woodland

There are opportunities to work with the City on Capital Projects. Our standard practice in acquiring architectural, engineering, and related professional services is to encourage firms lawfully engaged in the practice of those professions to submit a statement of qualifications and profile of design capabilities and experience. All interested A-E firms (including new, small, and/or minority firms) should send a letter of interest (via U.S. mail or email), including a Statement of Qualifications and Company Profile, to the City of Woodland Community Development Department, Engineering Division.

Letters of interest may be sent to:

CDD Engineering
300 First Street
Woodland CA 95695

Or email it to the Engineering Department.

If you are interested in receiving more information about current projects, entering or updating your information in our database, please contact the Community Development Engineering Division at 530-661-5820.

Consultant Selection Process

As a public agency, the City typically contracts for professional and specialized services through a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process. The QBS process can include an advertisement of the design services and/or Request for Proposal (RFP), short listing of applicants and final presentation of at least three firms concluding with a selection recommendation. All competing firms will be notified in writing of their selection or non-selection.

Contract for Service

Once a Consultant has been selected by the City of Woodland to provide Consulting Services they will enter into fee and contract negotiations. Upon successful completion of negotiations, a Contract for Services will be drafted by the City and forwarded to the Consultant for review and execution. Typically the Consultant will furnish in writing the "Work Program" which is a detailed description/scope of the services to be provided to the City. The Work Program shall be incorporated into the Contract for Services as an "Exhibit" as well as the negotiated Fee/Rate Schedule. The Contract for Services, plus the current City of Woodland Standard Specifications and Details (PDF) will outline the process and the extent of the work to be accomplished by the Consulting Firm.

Business License

All Consultants doing business in the City of Woodland must obtain a City of Woodland Business License. Please refer to the Community Development page for more information.

Key Member of the Team

You are a key member of the team. Members of the City of Woodland staff are available to work with you at any stage of any project to answer questions and to receive and provide feedback to assure a complete, professional end product. The City's ultimate goal is to provide the community with cost effective, quality facilities, that are pleasing, and easy to use and to maintain. Suggestions in this or any other area which can improve processes and contribute to the continued harmonious relationship between the Consultant community and City staff are welcomed and encouraged. We look forward to working with you in the future.