Capital Improvement Guide

Capital Improvement Project Process

  1. Bidding & Awarding Contracts
  2. Contractors License
  3. Bid Security
  4. Submission of Bids
  5. Prevailing Wages
  6. Award
  7. Contract Bonds
  8. Insurance Forms
  9. Business License

Bidding & Awarding Construction Contracts

The procedure for bidding and awarding construction contracts on public projects shall be in accordance with The State of California Public Contract Code sections 20160, et seq.; provided that such projects costing less than five thousand dollars shall be contracted in accordance with the Code of the City of Woodland, reference Chapter 17A, Article 2 to 7.

City of Woodland capital improvement project notices inviting bids are advertised in the local newspaper, The Daily Democrat, in the classified section under "public notices". Additionally, notices are sent to these plan houses (PDF) and are published on our bids page. You may also contact Community Development Engineering at 530-661-5820 to inquire about existing and future projects that are currently bidding or scheduled to bid, and how to obtain contract documents for projects out to bid. Each bid shall be in accordance with the contract documents. Sets of contract documents are available for purchase only. Where payment for such sets is specified, no refund will be made.