Economic Development Strategic Plan & Goals

The City of Woodland’s Economic Development Strategic Plan focuses on the long-term goals of enhancing the quality of the local economic base, improving community "infrastructure" for economic development, promoting Woodland with a positive image, and developing leadership and cooperation for local economic development.

Next Economy is a business-led, volunteer-driven regional endeavor that strives to move a $97 billion annual economy that has suffered economic hardship and a lagging recovery into one that is diversified, robust and sustainable. Recognizing that competition in today’s global economy increasingly occurs at the regional level, and that the region’s economic advantages are narrowing under dated models, business leadership from the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Greater Sacramento, and Valley Vision launched Next Economy as a collective response. This initiative uncovers competitive strengths and maps out a set of interlocking strategies that can accelerate job and wealth creation and boost new investment across the Capital Region. Valley Vision has continued the work of Next Economy in partnership with organizations throughout the area to earn an Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) (PDF) designation through the recently created AgPlus - a food and beverage manufacturing partnership reaching from north of Woodland, down through the central valley.

Woodland is home to a diverse workforce, blooming economy and the space, resources and support you need in order to grow your business. In order to accomplish its goals, the City works closely with the Woodland Chamber of Commerce which provides valuable services for its members and for the community as a whole.

Current Economic Development Initiatives

Stimulate Job & New Business Growth Focused on Food & Agriculture 

Agricultural food on conveyer belt

The Food Front is dedicated to keeping Woodland at the forefront of food and agricultural responsibility by cultivating existing relationships and warmly welcoming new ones.

Advance Downtown as a Cultural, Entertainment and Innovation District

State Theater Rendering

The newly redone State Theater is a ten screen multiplex and is a symbol of the revitalization of downtown Woodland, and of the cultural center it has become. Additionally, events like the California Honey Festival are a continuing sign of the blossoming economic and cultural center that Historic Downtown Woodland is becoming.

Workforce Development Initiative

Align Capital Region Logo

As the City and community members create a local workforce development initiative, regionally, Align Capital Region has developed an innovative operating system for aligning resources regionally to achieve greater outcomes in education, workforce development, and community vitality. Check out the Align website for more information!