Specialty Assignments

Canine Specialty

The Woodland Police Department (WPD) Canine Specialty consists of a canine Lieutenant, canine Sergeant, and two canine/handler teams. The first team consists of Officer David Shepard and his K-9 partner "Ricky." The second team consists of Officer Ryan Royval and his K-9 partner "Loki." K-9 Ricky is a Belgian Malinois / German Shepard mix and K-9 Loki is a Belgian Malinois. Both K-9 Ricky and K-9 Loki are certified through the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training in patrol tactics as well as narcotic detection.

Community Outreach Demonstrations

The WDP Canine Specialty is involved in multiple community outreach demonstrations which have included: 

  • Several Gang Resistance Education and Training Graduations
  • U.C. Davis Picnic Day
  • West Sacramento Police Academy
  • Woodland Police Department Open House
  • Woodland Veterinary Hospital
  • Yolo County District Attorney's Office Youth Academy

In 2017, the WDP Canine Specialty participated and earned several awards at the Western States Police Canine Association Trials in Lodi, San Leandro, and Travis Air Force Base.

Bike Team

The department maintains a Bicycle Team of Police Officers. This is a volunteer assignment. The Bicycle Patrol was formed during the summer of 1999 and made its debut on Cruise Night. Some of the special events where the bicycle team is out in force are the 4th of July fireworks program, the Yolo County Fair, Stroll through History, downtown patrol and the annual Christmas Parade.

The training consists of an intense week of on and off road riding involving obstacles you would encounter while patrolling, and firearms training on the bicycle. Bicycle Patrol allows officers to get back in touch with the community. Additionally, bicycle patrol allows officers to perform directed patrol without being identified readily by the criminal element as a Police Officer.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is comprised of sworn officers who volunteer for the position. The Honor Guard is used to represent the Police Department at any law enforcement or military event. Since its inception in 1999, the team has represented Woodland Police Department at funerals for fallen officers, parades, presentations and has placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia.

Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)

The Woodland Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is comprised of ten members, including a police officer who functions as a Team Leader. The team members train once a month in tactics and weapons. Our SWAT team is part of the Yolo County "ALERT", Area Law Enforcement Response Team. In more complex and protracted incidents, a countywide alert is activated to meet tactical needs.

Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS)

In 2017, The Woodland Police Department's SWAT incorporated a new Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) program. TEMS is the provision of preventative urgent and emergent medical care during high-risk, extended duration and mission-driven law enforcement special operations. SWAT currently has one sworn Officer assigned to the team who is a certified EMT.

The ability of TEMS providers to develop medical threat assessments, render immediate medical care in unrelenting environments, and provide logistical support will further the health and safety of law enforcement personnel and reduce the incidences of injury, illness, disability and death associated with tactical operations.

Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)

The Woodland Police Department Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is comprised of highly skilled officers who are trained to deescalate potentially lethal situations. They are responsible for negotiating the safe surrender of subjects in emergency situations such as armed subjects, barricaded subjects and individuals in mental health crisis. They use state of the art technology and a special response vehicle to effectively defuse these dangerous circumstances. The CNT train once a month in order to maintain a great level of efficiency.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Woodland Police Department's Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) team consists of seven department members and is led by a police officer Team Leader. The CSI team continues to learn and practice the most current evidence collection techniques, as its members have received hundreds of hours of forensic evidence collection, reconstruction, and photography training.

All CSI team members are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week to respond to critical and complex incidents. CSI members are department experts in the proper handling and processing of forensic evidence, crime scene diagrams/reconstruction, and crime scene photography. Their expertise and performance plays a significant role in the prosecution of cases. Crime Scene Investigation Team members also train Police Officers and Community Services Officers on current evidence collection techniques and practices.