Signs that are Prohibited

  1. Signs which move or simulate motion are prohibited. This shall include flashing, blinking, animated, rotating signs, or signs whose illumination or surface change with time but shall not include time and temperature signs, or wall-mounted barber poles which project less than one foot
  2. Signs which emit audible sounds, odor or visible matter
  3. No statuary signs are permitted
  4. Attention getting devices, except as provided for in Section 17.120.040 (F) (5) of the City of Woodland Municipal Code
  5. Portable signs (except as noted in Section 17.120.040 (H) of the City of Woodland Municipal Code) unless they are displayed for pedestrian and vehicular special event by a religious, charitable or civic organization, and are limited to a time period not to exceed ten days. Portable price signs are permitted on a permanent basis for gasoline service stations as regulated in Section 17.120.040 (B) (1) (b) of the City of Woodland Municipal Code
  6. Signs which constitute pedestrian or vehicular traffic hazards are prohibited. A sign shall be considered a traffic hazard:
    • When its location is such as to interfere with traffic sight distances, traffic flow or the visual access to the name or address of a nearby business or residence or a street or traffic sign
    • When its color, configuration, text or location are such that they could be mistaken for or otherwise imitate a traffic sign or signal
    • If it is in the public right-of-way unless the sign conforms to Section 17.120.040 (C) (3) of the City of Woodland Municipal Code
  7. Signs which bear or contain statements, words or pictures of an obscene nature
  8. Any sign affixed to any vehicle or trailer on a public right-of-way or public property, unless the vehicle or trailer is intended to be used in its normal business capacity and not for the sole purpose of attracting people to a place of business. All vehicles used as part of normal business service or activity must be stored on-site. This section is not intended to prohibit typical business identification lettered on a motor vehicle or construction trailer. This provision shall be enforced by the city police department.