Sign Guidelines

The sign guidelines are outlined in Chapter 17.120 of the City of Woodland Municipal Code.

Sign Removal

Temporary signs can be removed when placed within the public right-of-way (street poles, street landscaping, sidewalks, etc.). See the City of Woodland Municipal Code.

Permits Required

Most signs require a permit by both Planning Division and Building Division. Please contact the Community Development Department to obtain information on obtaining a approval for your sign.

Signs Exempt from the Ordinance

The following types of signs are permitted in all zones and shall neither require a building permit nor be considered part of the allowable aggregate area. Such signs shall be erected and maintained in accordance with the provisions of this article unless otherwise provided.

  1. Nameplate
  2. One “open” and “closed” sign not to exceed two square feet in area per frontage
  3. Private information signs not exceeding one square foot, such as “beware of dog” or “no soliciting,” that contain no advertising message
  4. Traffic and other municipal signs, signals and notices which relate to the public welfare and safety which are erected by the city, county or state. Such signs shall be exempt from this article’s restrictions
  5. Signs directing on-premise traffic and parking when less than three square feet each subject to community development department approval. Such signs are exempt from setback restrictions, when not exceeding three feet in height, but are not permitted within the public right-of-way
  6. Memorial signs or tablets erected by governmental or historical agencies or names and dates carved or affixed to buildings upon construction, or any sign of obvious historical value
  7. The flag of any country, state, school or non-profit organization
  8. Signs showing the location of public telephones and signs placed by public utilities to show the locations of underground facilities
  9. Signs of a public, non-commercial nature used to indicate danger or to serve as an aid to public safety relating to road work or other construction activities
  10. Accessory signs not exceeding three square feet in total aggregate area
  11. Holiday graphics are exempt from this article
  12. Building name signs less than ten square feet in area on each street fronting elevation