Fitness & Exercise

Program Information

All programs are held at the Woodland Community and Senior Center, 2001 East Street, except Water Aerobics and Lap Swim. The water aerobics and lap swim classes are held at Charles Brooks Community Swim Center, 155 North West Street.

Some classes have fees associated with them.  Follow the chart for times, locations, and if reservations are required for the program.

Aquatic ActivitiesDays varyTimes varyClick for information
Beginning PilatesMon/Wed6:00-7:00 pm$33/month
Drop-In BadmintonMon/Wed/Fri8:30-11:30 amDrop-In
Everyday YogaMondays9:00-10:00 am$20/month
Everyday YogaThursdays5:00-6:00 pm$20/month
Low Impact AerobicsMon/Wed/Fri8:00-8:30 amCall (530) 661-2001
Low Impact AerobicsMon/Wed/Fri10:00-10:30 amCall (530) 661-2001
Rock Steady BoxingWed/Fri8:30-10:00 amCall (530) 661-2001
Rock Steady BoxingMondays8:30-10:00 amonline!
Woodland StompersMondays1:30-3:00 pmCall (530) 661-2001

YMCA Wellness Center

YMCA Wellness Center is located within the Woodland Community and Senior Center. The Y has special programs designed for seniors. For additional information contact the Y directly at (530) 666-9623 or click here.