Code Compliance

The general philosophy for code compliance in the City of Woodland is to provide a timely response to resident concerns about physical conditions in their neighborhoods. This means that staff functions as problem solvers by working with responsible parties to ensure compliance with City codes.

Junk in Yard

This response and resulting compliance will be achieved through consistently applied processes. It is expected that all staff responsible for enforcing City codes will be responsive, exercise good judgment and common sense, and use a reasonable approach.

Code Compliance Services conducts periodical surveys of the City to address violations of the City Municipal Code. Non-compliance can result in notices and / or citations in:

  • Business Operations
  • Permits
  • Residential Neighborhoods
  • Zoning

More Information

Please contact Code Compliance at 530-661-5820 with your questions.

Services Offered by Other Departments

  • Graffiti Abatement - Woodland Police Department 530-661-7800
  • Parking Enforcement, including inoperable vehicles on public right-of-way - Woodland Police Department Traffic Division 530-661-7800
  • Weed Abatement - Woodland Fire Department 530-661-5860