Work that Requires a Permit

The Building Division receives numerous phone calls with questions about what type of repair items require building permits. 

Items the Do Not Require Building Permits

There are only a few items in the Building Code that are allowed to be repaired or constructed without the benefit of a building permit.  These are as follows:

  • Retaining walls less than three feet in height and three feet away from the property line or other structures.
  • Sheds less than 120 square feet in area.
  • Decks less than 30 inches above the ground.
  • Flat concrete work. (Driveway work does require a permit)

Items that Require Building Permits

Some of the items that require building permits and inspections are:

  • Installation of a new roof
  • Installation of a furnace and / or an air conditioner
  • Installation of a water heater
  • Installation of vinyl siding
  • Installation of a new front door
  • Replacement and repairs to weather damaged siding
  • Installation of exterior stucco
  • Overhead patio structures (either attached or detached)
  • Patio enclosures.
  • Storage buildings over 120 square feet
  • Carports for additional parking
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodel/repairs
  • Any electrical work
  • All plumbing except the repair of fixtures


  • Any construction which adds to the floor area or volume of an existing structure
  • Area increases over 500 square feet require that school fees be paid

Remodels / Repairs

  • Any structural modifications
  • Any modifications to the weather / moisture protection of an existing structure such as disturbing the exterior finish to replace a window or the adding of stucco of an existing exterior siding.
  • Any modifications to, the electrical wiring, the plumbing system or the mechanical system in a structure

Decks / Fences

  • Any deck or patio over 30 inches above surrounding grade
  • Any masonry fences


  • Any roof repair or replacement which involves more than 25% of the total area