About the Building Division

Mission Statement

The mission of the Building Division is to serve the citizens of Woodland by advancing safety and code compliance through the educated enforcement of building standards for the protection and benefit of the community

Building Division Responsibilities

The Building Division is responsible for activities related to the construction, remodeling, and demolition of buildings and structures. By reviewing building permit applications, issuing building and related permits, checking plans, and inspecting buildings and properties the Division can ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances

Are responsible for enforcing all applicable building, mechanical, energy, accessibility compliance, plumbing, electrical and housing codes and laws adopted by the City and State to ensure a safe and habitable building environment

Code Compliance

The general philosophy for code compliance in the City of Woodland is to provide a timely response to resident concerns about physical conditions in their neighborhoods. This means that staff functions as problem solvers by working with responsible parties to ensure compliance with City codes.

This response and resulting compliance will be achieved through consistently applied processes. It is expected that all staff responsible for enforcing City codes will be responsive, exercise good judgment and common sense, and use a reasonable approach.

In terms of responsiveness, health / safety violations and complaints from City Council, City Manager's Office or City Attorney's Office is inspected immediately. All other complaints are inspected as soon as possible (generally within 24 hours.)

More Information

Contact the Building Division at 530-661-5820 with your questions.