A career in the fire service can be exciting and rewarding. The path to a full-time position with any fire department can be long and competitive. Maintaining a positive attitude, a physically fit body, and a teachable mindset will make you a more attractive candidate to any fire service organization, including the Woodland Fire Department.

The Woodland Fire Department utilizes a statewide list established by the California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) and administered by the Firefighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC) to hire for the position of Fire Recruit.

Firefighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC)

FCTC is a one-stop resource for Firefighter candidates. The FCTC oversees:

  • Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) - A timed pass/fail test with eight separate events designed to simulate the specific physical demands of firefighting. FCTC is the exclusive statewide CPAT provider for California.
  • Written Testing - A fully validated written general knowledge test, with questions and examples tailored to the profession. Designed to demonstrate your ability to process information and think critically.

Candidates that successfully complete their written and CPAT testing will be placed on the FCTC statewide hiring list. Contracting departments, such as the Woodland Fire Department, hire directly from these lists.

Anyone interested in becoming a Woodland Firefighter is encouraged to maintain eligibility on the FCTC Statewide list. Candidates will be contacted by the Woodland Fire Department from that list only to fill vacancies.

Basic Qualifications

Minimum Education & Experience

  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent. College-level coursework in fire science, general management, or related field desirable.
  • Experience: Any experience that would likely provide the required ability is qualifying; fire fighting experience is desirable.

License or Certificate

Required Upon Hire and Continued Employment:

  • Possession of a valid California Driver's License
  • Proof of valid Candidate Physical Ability Test (valid for one year from issuance date)
  • Proof of completion of CSFM accredited Firefighter Academy or CSFM Firefighter I certificate or 5 years of full-time paid firefighter experience in California
  • Emergency Medical Technician I Certificate (EMT-D)
  • Valid CPR card

Additional Information

  • For more details on the position, please see the City of Woodland Firefighter Job Description (link to HR page for job description here)
  • For further information on the Firefighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC) Written Test, please visit their website.
  • For further information on the Candidate Physical Ability Testing process, please visit their website.
  • For current job opportunities with the City of Woodland Fire Department, please visit the Human Resources page.