Fire Explorer Post 911

Woodland Fire Explorer Post 911 is an organization dedicated to teaching young people about all aspects of the Fire Service. Though not all of its members are interested in obtaining careers in the fire service, they all share the common interests of serving their communities, achieving their goals and learning new life skills.

The Woodland Fire Explorer Post 911 is open any one ages 14 to 21. Although it is a branch of the Boy Scouts of America, it is co-ed in membership. Over the years, the Post has worked hard to recruit, teach and include young women in the fire service. The Post it proud of its wonderful mixture of both young men and women who all share the desire to learn about the fire service.

Organization History

Explorer Post 911 has been part of the Woodland Fire Department since October 1, 1996. During that time, it has had many members, advisors, activities and adventures. It has helped to develop the young minds of this area's youth and to teach them the morals, ethics and standards needed in today's society. Over time, the Woodland Explorer Post 911, has seen many of its members move on to other life and career paths, but several members have stayed with the fire service. 

Numerous past Woodland Explorers have gone on to attend fire academies throughout California. In fact, the Woodland Fire Department currently employs four past Woodland Explorers and several others are employed by various fire departments in California.

In addition to teaching the members of the Post about the different aspects of the fire service, Woodland Fire Explorer Post 911 also promotes and encourages its members to participate in service for the Woodland Fire Department and their communities. For example, Woodland Fire Explorer Post 911 helps with the Woodland Fire Department's annual Open House and Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast. The Explores also assist the Woodland Fire Volunteer Support Branch and the Woodland Professional Firefighters Association with various events throughout the year. These service hours are in addition to the time they spend training every Wednesday or the hours that they spend doing other community service.

Woodland Fire Explorer Post, 911 is a wonderful community asset that has helped the youth of Yolo County learn the skills and ethics needed to be successful leaders. The Woodland Fire Department is proud to sponsor this worthwhile youth oriented organization that continues to inspire service to the community among the next generation.


Along with the Post's many service projects, Post 911 also has weekly meetings that focus on learning what is required to be in the fire service. If you are interested in joining the Explorer Post you are more than welcome to attend any meeting. Meetings are held every Wednesday at the Woodland Fire Station 3 Training Room, located at:
1556 Springlake Court
Woodland, CA 95775