Plan Submittal, Review & Inspections

  1. Electronic (Preferred)
  2. Print Submittal
  3. Inspections

Electronic (Preferred)

Would you like to avoid coming down to the public counter and waiting to submit your fire plans for review? If so, it just got a lot easier to do this. We are now accepting electronic Portable Document Files (PDF), as an alternative to submitting the required, drawings, and supportive documents in the traditional paper form.

Please submit the following items to us by email:

  • Calculations (if necessary)
  • Contact information for person to be notified when plans are complete or if any questions arise
  • Plans (must provide a graphic scale)
  • Product data sheets

Large files may be submitted via your company's file sharing service or submitting on a USB or flash drive.

Approval Notification

Once the submittal is approved, and payment is made, you will receive an email indicating approval with approved documents attached. It will be your responsibility to print out a copy of the approved plans and permit for your client and the job site. An on-site inspection will not be completed without these items present.