GIS & Maps

How is GIS Used in Woodland

City of Woodland staff currently uses GIS in various capacities and formats. The biggest consumer of GIS in the City is the Public Works department. GIS is used to inventory the many types of infrastructure such as the City’s water, sewer and storm drainage systems. Field crew workers have access to these assets using GIS and can view, query and make changes in real-time while working in the field.

The City's Planning, Finance and Community Development Departments all use an internal web-based GIS portal that allows staff to view and query information such as Parcels, Zoning and Assessment Districts. The GIS portal brings together data sources not only created internally but is integrated with other external data sources.


GIS is also used to create high quality maps that are used in project documentation, presentations for City Council and for reference maps displayed in City buildings. You can access the GIS maps.