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Swim Lessons are available beginning June 20

Woodland Community Services Department is proud to offer swim lessons for Summer 2022. 

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Lesson LevelLevel Description
Ages 6 months to 3

The Tadpole class leads parents and children in basic swimming skills, emphasizing water orientation, and safety.  Parents are taught to feel more comfortable in the water with their infant. Infants must be able to hold their heads up and an adult must accompany the child in the water for every class. Swim attire: waterproof swim diapers with tight-fitting elastic on the legs and a swimsuit. AN ADULT IS EXPECTED TO BE IN THE WATER DURING THIS CLASS.
Introduction to Water Skills Average Age 2 ½ -5
The Goldfish class is an orientation to an aquatic environment. No water skills are required to enroll, participants must be comfortable in the water without a parent or guardian. To move to Sea Horse, participants must demonstrate the ability to float unassisted.
Sea Horse 
Fundamental Aquatic Skills Average Age 3-6
The Seahorse introduces front and back glides with combined arm and leg swimming action. Participants should be comfortable in the water and have experience getting their faces wet, blowing bubbles, and floating. To move to Swordfish, participants must demonstrate the ability to glide and move unassisted through the water.
Stroke Development
Average Age 5-8

The Swordfish class focuses on the development of freestyle and backstrokes.  Participants will learn to swim freestyle with rotary breathing for 15 yards, backstroke, elementary backstroke, and learn the basics of treading water. To move to Dolphin, participants must be able to swim a minimum of 15 yards using both freestyle and backstroke. 

Stroke Improvement
Average Age 7-14
The Dolphin class focuses on stroke improvement and introduces breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and butterfly. Participants will be swimming 50 yards freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, and 25 yards breaststroke without stopping. Participants will be learning sidestroke and treading water. To move to Orca, participants must be able to tread water for 1-minute, swim 25 yards using both freestyle and backstroke. 

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Group of Kids at the Swimming Pool