2024 Water & Sewer Repair & Replacement Project

Phase:  Design

Anticipated Start of Construction: April 2024

Project Description

CIP 23-02 is the eighth phase of a multi-year project where Engineering and Operations staff annually identify locations around the City that have the greatest occurrence of water main and water lateral breaks and leaks, and prioritize these locations for repair and replacement.  The areas prioritized for replacement in 2024 are in the vicinity of Coloma Way, Homewood Drive and Fourth Street south of Marshall Avenue and north of Gibson Road.  In total, approximately 5,200 feet of new distribution mainline will be installed in the street to replace the existing 45 to 75-year-old potable water distribution infrastructure. 

The existing sewer system within the Project vicinity consists of six-inch and eight-inch (6” & 8”) diameter vitrified clay pipelines in the street.  These sewers vary in age and condition with some pipes having been installed in 1917.  It is anticipated that the Project will replace any significantly defective laterals and sections of mainlines via open-cut trenching.