Equity Action Plan

Equity: "Just and fair inclusion into a community where all Woodlanders can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential"

The City will work towards a more equitable Woodland using a three-pronged approach:

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What is the Equity Action Plan?

The City’s Equity Action Plan is Woodland’s vision of improving the quality of life for its residents and workforce by "preserving and enhancing Woodland as an inclusive community that is an exceptional place to live, learn, work, play, and engage for current and future generations."

How was it created?

In 2022, the City of Woodland partnered with a team of UC Berkeley public policy graduate students to assess the City’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) needs and make policy recommendations. The students reported their findings to the City Council in June 2022 and the Council unanimously voted to create a DEI subcommittee. Council then directed this subcommittee to being work on an Equity Action Plan.

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How is it organized?

The Equity Action Plan is organized into two broad sections. The first is internal work, including city staff, leadership, and elected officials. The second section is external work, including how the City serves and interacts with Woodland residents.

What are its goals?

Internally, the City hopes to become a model employer that advances equity and increases community representation and all forms of diversity in its workforce. We hope that staff, leadership, and elected officials understand and are committed to equity.

Externally, the City intends for its programs and engagement to reach the entire Woodland community, increase the proportion of historically marginalized and/or vulnerable groups that benefit from City programs, increase the quantity of local government policies, structures, and processes that are designed with an equity lens, and for City leaders to make choices that center and elevate the most vulnerable populations. We hope that Woodland residents are well-served, feel included by City programs and outreach, and that the City of Woodland governs in a way that prioritizes equitable opportunity, justice, and safety. 

What actions are being taken?

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How will it be measured?

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When will it take effect?

The Equity Action Plan was officially adopted in early 2023 and actions began shortly thereafter.