Cannabis Retail Ordinance 

On June 7,2022, the City Council approved amendments to Chapter 17.110, Ordinance 1685, and Chapter 5.28, Ordinance 1686, on the City Municipal Code related to Cannabis Retail uses. (Please see links below)

The City is in the process of reviewing preliminary cannabis retail permit applications. Please see the Cannabis Retail Application page for more information about this process. (Click here

Cannabis Zoning and Sensitivity Buffer Maps

The Potential Cannabis Zoning and Sensitivity Buffer  maps provided below are a courtesy, intended for an applicant’s initial consideration. The maps are a “high level” assessment that reflects a single point of time, based on readily available public information. Information provided on the maps shall not be binding on city’s future determination of zoning and separation compliance. 

  1. The City’s inventory is a single point in time.  A Youth Center may not be on the map because it established after the city conducted its inventory, and before a CCP application is evaluated.
  2. There may be youth facilities that do not have strong advertising, or are newly established, such that they were not identified during the citywide research.
  3. The City does not have private data for businesses, and therefore makes assumptions regarding primary users and on-site activities.  Much of the City’s assumptions were made using publicly available information on the internet.

Interactive Retail Cannabis Zoning and Sensitive Map (Interactive)

Once you have opened the interactive map by clicking on the link, you can plug in either an address or an assessor parcel number (APN) into the box in the upper left corner. Once you have clicked on the property in question, an information box will appear. You can click on the arrows in the upper right corner to view zoning information relating to cannabis uses

Retail Cannabis Zoning and Sensitive Buffer Map (PDF)

City Council Approved Ordinances Related to Cannabis Retail Uses

Ordinance 1685 Chapter 17.110 Zoning Regulations (PDF)

Ordinance 1686 Chapter 5.28 Business Regulations (PDF)

Public Review

City Council 

  • June 7, 2022
    • Agenda, staff report, and copies of Ordinance 1685 (Zoning), and 1686 (Cannabis Business Permits) (click here)
  • May 17, 2022