WPD Strategic Plan

2021 - 2023 Strategic Plan

A Message From Chief Kaff

Chief Derrek Kaff

I am pleased to present the Woodland Police Department's 2021-2023 Strategic Plan. Public Safety is our highest priority and Community Policing is the foundational principle for our department. With this document as our guide we will work together to achieve an even higher level of service.

Work on the plan began in August 2020 and included workshops with personnel representing every rank and bureau, as well as community input. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we used a combination of methods to solicit input and collect feedback. This was a tremendous task and I am proud of the creativity, adaptability, and tenacity of our staff involved in this process. From this collaborative process, four goals were identified that center around crime reduction, communication, and training.

  1. Promote a safe community by reducing crime.
  2. Improve traffic and pedestrian safety by reducing injury traffic collisions.
  3. Enhance communications externally and internally.
  4. Developing our personnel to succeed.

Updates on our accomplishments and progress will be published every six months here.

The dedicated women and men of the Woodland Police Department have my sincere thanks and ongoing commitment for continued exemplary service to our community. I also appreciate the support for public safety that we continue to receive from the community. I look forward to working together with our community to accomplish the goals and objectives of the 2021-2023 Woodland Police Department Strategic Plan.


Derrek Kaff, Chief of Police

About The Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan was developed by various sworn and professional staff members who researched and developed goals that are based on what is believed to be achievable over the next two and a half years. However, this plan will remain fluid and will be updated as needed to meet our ever-changing demands. 

All department employees were invited to take an internal survey evaluating their perceived level of importance of four areas: Communication, Succession Planning, Mentorship, and Staffing. These four areas were identified by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. The Committee was comprised of sworn and professional staff representing all ranks and bureaus. A total of 39 employees (35%) participated in the voluntary survey.

Public input was also solicited during the development of this plan. Residents of Woodland, each representing a different demographic group, were selected to provide input into the focus areas. Two community surveys were conducted in both English and Spanish. One survey focused specifically on youth interactions with the Woodland Police Department and the other solicited input from the whole community. These surveys were presented with broad focus areas that had already been identified and were asked to provide critical input and evaluate the importance of each item that was discussed. This provided the Department members responsible for developing the Strategic Plan with an idea of what is most important to the community we serve. This input was then incorporated into the research and development of ideas that comprise each focus area. The focus areas that were researched are:

  • Promote a safe community by reducing crime
  • Improve traffic and pedestrian safety by reducing injury traffic collisions
  • Enhance communications both externally and internally
  • Developing our personnel to succeed.

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December 2022

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