2020 Sewer & Water Repair & Replacement Project , CIP 20-07

CIP 20-07

Phase:  Construction

Anticipated Completion May 2021

Project Description

This project was scoped as a precursor utility project to the Gibson Road Improvements but is also a part of the annual program to replace aging water mains and repair sewer deficiencies. Generally, water mains that are over 60 years old and have a history of breaks or leaks are prioritized for replacement over time. This project includes the replacement of approximately 6,750 linear feet of water mains and 4,570 linear feet of water service laterals. Approximately 7,500 linear feet of sanitary sewer main will be lined with cured-in-place pipe and 94 sanitary sewer service laterals will be repaired or lined, as well. The project will also accomplish phase 1 of a 3-phase sewer capacity reallocation project in order to alleviate maintenance frequency in an area of the City prone to sewer blockages and transfer that flow from the Beamer Trunk Sewer to the Gibson Trunk Sewer.

The 2020 project includes water and sewer replacement on the following streets:

    Gibson Road, from West Street to East Street

    East Street, from Gibson Road to Gum Avenue