Fun Club Distance Learning Program

Woodland Community Services is proud to be able to help parents with assistance in child care and distance learning this fall.  Fall Fun Club is a great option that gives your child a safe place to be Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm.  Fun Club is available for children 1st-6th grades. Student groups are separated by grade levels. 

Fun Club and Teen Pack will be able to support distance learning with spaces set for students (please bring a device and headphones) and follow the schedule provided by the school district.  The program is collaborating with schools for schedules and lunch will be provided by WJUSD nutritional services. Fun Club and Teen Pack will follow health and safety guidelines to keep kids safe and healthy including daily symptom checking, social distancing, hand washing, pods of 10, and have minimal interaction with other groups

Program Details

Monday-Friday, school days (not held on WJUSD holidays)
8:00 am-5:00 pm

$410 per student per month September, October, November
$310 per student for December
Limited scholarships available

Program held at the Woodland Community & Senior Center.

Fun Club FAQs

What grades are accepted for this program?

In the interest in keeping elementary school students who are on similar school schedules, 1st-6th grade students can register for the Fun Club program.

Can your staff assist with technology issues?

Our staff can assist your student with getting logged into their classroom each day and ensuring they continue to be logged in for the duration of their classwork time directed by the WJUSD. Staff will provide limited assistance with school work, but cannot provide one-on-one assistance

What is the staff ratio to students?

1 staff member to 10 students

Are pods made up by grade level?

Pods are made up by grade level. Due to the school's scheduling, like grades will be grouped together. In addition, we will try to place students from the same schools together.

Can my children be in the same pod?

In order to keep children within the same grade levels, siblings won't be placed in the same pod unless they are in the same grade level.

Can we drop-in to the program 1-2 days a week or come half day?

Fun Club is available only on a full-time basis and students must be pre-registered in order to participate. Drop-ins will not be accepted.  While the program is 8:00 am-5:00 pm, parents are welcome to pick up their children earlier than the close of the program.

I can't afford $410 per month, how can I get a scholarship for this program?

Limited income-qualified camperships are available for this program.  Camperships are a reduction in the registration fees. Camperships will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis.  Click the link for details about the camperships and to apply.