Gibson Road Improvements

CIP 20-01 & 20-08

PhasePreliminary Design

Anticipated Start Date: 2021

NOTICE: Public Comment Responses Published 6/12/20, New Public Comment Period Opened


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City had to cancel the March 19th public outreach meeting.  In lieu of this traditional outreach process, all meeting materials were published for review and comment.  In the “Public Comment Responses” link below there are comments and questions that were provided and the responses from the project team.  For clarity, questions may be paraphrased or grouped from multiple sources asking similar questions.

We encourage residents to review the information contained in this document and share any additional comments or questions you may have with us by July 20, 2020.  Please email all comments and questions to Diana Ayon at

Public Meeting Information - Initial Review

Public Comment Responses 

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Project Description

When work is complete, Gibson Road will have more reliable and improved water and sewer systems, and the road will be reconstructed and restriped with narrower travel lanes, buffered bicycle lanes, and parking.  Between East and West streets the corridor will retain the current four travel lanes.  The City is proposing a reduction in travel lanes west of West Street.  This proposal includes one lane in each direction with a center turn lane similar to the existing lanes west of Cottonwood Street (this lane reduction is known as a road diet).  The project also proposes to install a lighted pedestrian crossing at California Street.  The corridor traffic volumes were evaluated and it was determined that a three lane section can accommodate traffic and improve bicycle and pedestrian crossing at California Street.