Gibson Road Improvements

CIP 20-01 & 20-08


Anticipated Construction Completion: Winter 2022

Project Description

These projects will improve a two mile-long corridor on Gibson Road from County Road 98 to East Street. The improvements will include:

  • Rehabilitating pavement 
  • Restriping narrower travel lanes to slow traffic
  • Adding buffered bike lanes
  • Constructing ADA-compliant curb ramps and sidewalk repairs
  • Installing drainage improvements
  • Completing traffic signal improvements to include bicycle and pedestrian actuation 

The projects also include installing a pedestrian-actuated lighted crossing at California Street and lane reconfigurations or “Road Diet” that will reduce travel lanes between Cottonwood Street and West Street from four lanes to a three lane corridor consisting of two narrow travel lanes and a two-way left turn lane. 

These improvements will transform this segment of Gibson Road into a complete street providing improved bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle facilities to ensure the corridor meets the needs of all modes of travel.

Status Updates

Construction of this two-season project is underway and the contractor has completed construction of the ADA-compliant curb ramps and sidewalk repairs and underground improvements. Private utility companies have also completed moving their facilities to avoid utility conflicts. 

Reconstruction of the roadway began in September 2022 and is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Overhead View: 98 to West

Gibson Lanes Overhead 1

Overhead View: West to East

Gibson Lanes Overhead 2
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