Bee City USA

City of Woodland is a Pollinator-Friendly City

City of Woodland has been designated as an official Bee City since January 2019. 

Why Woodland?

Bee City USA envisions a sustainable future for our pollinating friends. The City of Woodland recognizes the importance of pollinators in supplying our planet with food and is committed to upholding Bee City's vision. With the help of City's food and ag initiative, The Food Front, Woodland will continue to contribute to ongoing conversations that raise awareness of the role pollinators play in our communities and what each of us can do to provide them with a healthy habitat. 

The Food Front
Pollinators and Food
Bees and plants

Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness

Enhance Habits

Enhance Habits

Celebrate Achievements

Celebrate Achievements

Fascinating Facts About Bees

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Bee Facts

Black Bee

Importance of Pollinators

Honeycomb Bees

Low Water Bee Plants

Bee Flowers

Woodland Bee Facts

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Longhorned Bees

Yolo County is home to 300 species of bee

IMP Bees

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan (Coming Soon)

Yarrow 'Island Pink'

Yolo County recommended low water plants

Megachile Fidelis Female

How to attract and maintain pollinators in your garden

Longhorned Bees Male

HD Honey Bee Haven


California Honey Festival

The California Honey Festival is the community's annual showcase to celebrate the importance of bees as the lead pollinator of many of our crops and adding to the food diversity we have come to enjoy. Their mission is to promote honey, honey bees and their environments, and beekeeping through this unique educational platform to the broader public.

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bee festival

Pollinator Projects

Ongoing and completed projects
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Bee and Pollinator Helpful Resources

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Pollination Conservation and Information