How to Setup Online Services Account

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Before beginning, please have a copy of your utility bill available.

Click on the "New Users" button to begin.

Fill out the form with your Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address.  Choose a username (usernames should be between 6 - 80 characters) and a password.  Passwords should be at least 6 characters or more and not a common word or a number.

Please make sure to make a note of your username and password.


Next you will be asked to verify your information, if it is correct, click Register to continue.

Next you will be asked for information from your utility bill.  This information MUST BE EXACTLY AS WRITTEN ON YOUR BILL.  Enter your account number with the dash and your full name as it appears on your bill. 

Once you have successfully connected your Utility account to your eUser account, you will get the screen below.  From here you can access your utility billing account, or add an additional utility billing account onto your eUser account.

You can now view the following on your account:
  • Make Payments: Make a credit card payment on your account
  • Paperless Statements: Setup and/or View Paperless Statements
  • Automatic Payments: Setup or Manage Automatic Payments
  • Account Summary: Shows service details and balances on each service
  • Account History: Shows transaction history on your account
  • Usage Chart: Show water consumption IF your account is being billed based on consumption OR you have been receiving Sample Bills.