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Survey For Improving the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Network

May 6, 2015

Improving the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Network

The City of Woodland is looking for opportunities to apply for grants to fund transportation projects within the City. If successful, the City of Woodland aims to provide a network of complete streets that promote and enhance bicycling and pedestrian travel. Projects are geared to increase mobility by making the existing bicycle routes more visible and convenient for riders and by providing better connectivity to serve east to west destinations of the City.  

The plan for El Dorado Dr. from Road 98 to Coloma Way will be to restripe narrower travel lanes to accommodate wider on-street bike lanes in addition to buffered bike lanes where possible.

A buffered bicycle lane is a separated path that lies within the roadway and is separated from motor vehicle traffic by double stripes (1-2 feet wide) painted on the road that creates additional space between motor vehicles and bikes.

On W. Court Street the travel lanes and the center two-way turn lane will be narrowed and bike lanes will be installed between West and Cottonwood Streets.

The above picture is an example of a buffered bike lane.

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