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New GIS Map Library

March 17, 2015

The City of Woodland IT department is proud to announce the launch of a new GIS map gallery.  GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is a computer mapping and database technology that allows us to view, analyze and store spatial data. These new web maps will replace the static PDF maps that were previously available.


The main benefit of making this change is that each map is now directly accessing our GIS database, meaning that each map is always using the latest and greatest data available.  The biggest problem with the PDF maps is that they quickly became outdated as the city grows and changes.

Other benefits include the ability to change the basemap (imagery, topographic, etc), search an address, measure distance and area, all on a live web map.


The maps offered today are:

  • Woodland Parcel Viewer – A map that shows parcel information for the city.  Clicking on a parcel will return information such as address, APN, zoning, subdivision name and lots of other great information.

  • General Plan Land Use (DRAFT) – This map shows the working draft of the current General Plan Land Use that is being developed.

  • Woodland Parks – A map that shows all of the City parks, clicking on a park will take you to the park’s webpage on the City website.

  • Woodland Road Construction – This map shows all of the current and planned road construction that may impact residents.

  • Woodland Flood Zone Update – This map shows the current FEMA flood zone designation, as last updated in May of 2012.

  • Woodland Conservation Efforts – One of our original web maps, this map depicts various ‘green’ efforts around the City.

  • Woodland Bicycle Map – A map depicting the bike lanes by type in Woodland as well as Foy’s Bike Shop and the gas stations that have air available to fill a low tire.

  • Stroll Through History - This map was built in conjunction with the Open Homes & Garden event held in early September 2014.   Stay tuned as this will be updated for this year’s event soon.


We have other maps under development and look to improve the ones that are already built, so stay tuned!  Click here to go to the Map Library.