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East Kentucky Road Rehabilitation Project

September 18, 2014

Work on the project is underway.  The old roadway has been removed and the underground utilities are being repaired prior to the construction of the new roadway.  East Kentucky Avenue is closed from East Street to Paddock Place during the construction.  The City is making every effort to minimize inconvenience to the public. 


Direct or alternate access has been provided to all businesses within the work zone.  Signs have been installed to provide directions for accessing the businesses.  Please see the attached map of the access routes.

Efforts are being made to keep the public informed of the construction schedule.  Information will be provided as public information bulletins published and distributed by the Contractor directly to the affected land owners, press releases and updates on the City’s website ( and Facebook page (

Questions and concerns regarding this project can be directed to Community Development Engineering, Jim Heath, Associate Civil Engineer; 530-661-5977.